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  What was William Girdler like as a director?

Derivative. On purpose. A very successful businessman told me, "good business is simply the shortest path to money." Kind of a cold view, but very valid. Girdler was a businessman first, and a director as a means to an end. Bill was interested in making money and films. In that order.

That said, I can tell you that the one production I was on, we were all inspired to do our best and to work hard. I never heard anyone complain outside of Carla showing her tits and whom can blame her?

I remember two quotes whenever I think of Bill Girdler. The first is the "turkey" comment about the movie he was making at the moment. This gave me very clear insight to what kind of director he was at the time. The other quote was from a newspaper article. He had received a bad review for one of his exploitation films and said, if I may paraphrase, "I make a hundred thousand dollars a year? Why should I respect the opinion of someone who makes ten?"

What was his personality like? How did people on the set view him?

Into himself, out for himself. More power to him. His wife seemed to believe in him and seemed very supportive, from what I can remember of "Asylum..."

Did you know Barbara Girdler? What was she like?

She was very supportive and busy. I think she was in charge of wardrobe (possibly among other things). She worked very hard.

Any places in Kentucky where Girdler is still fondly remembered?

I remember him fondly. He taught me a lot, sometimes the hard way. As for anyone else, I imagine there are people who worked on the movie who have their own stories to tell, and I'd love to hear them. I would especially be interested in the girl who "fainted" during the invocation.


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