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  The following morning, Brick shares some of his thoughts/research with Sheba at the Shayne Loan Company. "I think I found something that ties our company with the others who went under," offers Brick. "The one thing we have in common -- we're all insured by the same outfit." Sheba looks intrigued. "So you think the insurance company is behind it?"

Before Brick can answer, a posse of armed thugs bursts into the building. "OK now everybody do exactly what they're told and nobody will get hurt. Hands behind your heads." Andy emerges from his office demanding an explanation for the ruckus. "Now what's going on? Hey you can't come in here!" A thug barks at him, "Just keep your mouth closed nigger before you get a hole in your head. Everybody against the walls with your hands behind your head!" The bystanders in the office do as they're told while the Shayne employees are forced to their knees.

"Let's redecorate the place!" exclaims the chief thug. The goons fire gunshots at everything in sight.

In one swift motion, Sheba rams a thug's gun into his own groin and breaks free. She draws her pistol and skids across the floor to find shelter behind a desk. Her father rises to stop her. A startled thug fires his weapon. The bullet strikes Andy square in the stomach. A woman screams at the grisly sight.

Sheba goes on a shooting spree. She takes down one thug with a well-placed shot to the chest. She cuts down another by shooting him in the eye. One poor cat flies through a window when struck. A single portly man is left alive. He kneels before Sheba as he pleads for his life. Lieutenant Jackson and Michael Clifford arrive on the scene. With Brick on their side, they talk a trigger-happy Sheba out of executing the chubby gangster. Sheba puts down her weapon and rushes to her fallen father. "I want an ambulance here right now!" demands Jackson.

Sheba remains at her father's side at the hospital. Andy is unconscious in a hospital bed. Misting up, Sheba holds her father's hand. "You know what we're going to do dad when we get out of here? We're going to go to Chicago. Yessir, little Andy is going to see her father gets the very best." She breaks into tears. A nurse gently takes Sheba's hand as if to signal his death. Sheba covers her mouth and then her eyes. The tune, "A Good Man Is Gone" plays as she weeps.

She staggers glumly through the hospital hallway. Brick goes to console her. Lieutenant Jackson approaches. "I'm sorry, Sheba. I want you to know I've got every spare man on this case. We'll get whoever's behind it. It's personal now. We learned that the boys who hit your father were an out of town contract. Real pros. It's clean. If there's anything I can do to help " Sheba walks away without saying another word.

Back at Pilot's pad, the big-talking gangster slugs one of his goons. "What are you two pissasses trying to do? Put me out of business?" Pilot stresses his point by tossing another goon down a stairwell. "I gave the orders for no one to be killed. No rough stuff. And not only did somebody get killed but the men who were supposed to do a clean job are on a slab in the general hospital. Or they're squealing to the cops."

One battered thug tries to brighten Pilot's diagnosis by pointing out the fact that Sheba still doesn't know Pilot's behind all of this. Pilot warns the talky goon, "You better be right or you'll be pushing up black daisies along with me. You two gorilla's better pray that that broad's daddy don't die. Or there ain't be a safe place for you to shit in this town much less live!"

Cut to a car wash parking lot at a later date. We see a two-bit loanshark cut a bad deal in the lot. (Behold: the same pimp suit seen in Zebra Killer.) Oblivious to the illicit activity of the huckster, Sheba drives up and enters a diner located on the same property.

Inside the greasy spoon, a man behind the counter recognizes Sheba. He smiles. "I head you were back in town." She returns his politeness. "Hi Tank, how you doing? Say, who do you know that would have contact for shutting down a loan company?" Without hesitation, Tank motions toward the parking lot. "That dude over there. Called walker. He cruises around town like a traveling pawnshop. A loanshark. If there's anyone in town who knows the big loan money I'm sure Walker could help you." Sheba thanks Tank and excuses herself to investigate the parking lot.

She saunters over to the loanshark. "I'm Sheba Shayne. I bet you're Walker," she announces. He laughs "Number one in the flesh. Well miss fine Sheba Shayne: you tell number one what he can do for you." Sheba plays the game well. "I wanna buy something." The loanshark perks up. "What you need I got. Anything you want I can get. Let's just step around to my private warehouse." He leads Sheba to the trunk of his car, which is overflowing with an assortment of stolen goods. Sheba feigns interest in a mink stole, then sharply changes her tone. "I don't want any of this junk. I want information." Suddenly, the loanshark realizes whom he's speaking to and he tries to scamper away. "Aw, shit. I ain't know nothing. Stay away from me bitch." Sheba trails after him threatening, "You better talk big man before I put my number one foot down your number one mouth!" He sprints away. Instead of following after him Sheba stays behind. Once the loanshark is out of sight she sneaks inside the back of his unlocked car and slinks down low.

Walker struts back to his car jive style. He picks up his fallen hat and enters the vehicle. Feeling safe and secure, he decides to run his car through the wash 'n wax while he's in the vicinity.

Once inside the car wash, Sheba emerges from the backseat and puts her gun to Walker's head. The car wash brushes scrape against the outside of the car. Walker stutters, "Whatcha gonna do with that gun mama?" Sheba smiles. "Nothing if you roll down that window." Walker looks nervously at the steaming hot water trickling down the windows. "Wha wha what?" Sheba's smile fades. "I said roll down that window before I blast a hole in your head." She threatens to shove his face out the window. He winces when he sees the alighted Hot Wax sign. Sandwiched between hot wax and Sheba's pistol, the loanshark spills the beans. "OK, OK his name is Pilot. He has a pad at the 400 Towers." Sheba smirks with satisfaction. "When I find him I'm going to bust his ass wide open," she warns.

After his close shave with Sheba, the (wet) loan shark beelines for a telephone booth. He calls Pilot and admits to his boss that he tipped Sheba off to Pilot's wherabouts. Pilot is not impressed with the advance warning. He tells the loanshark, "You better hide your face, nigger, cause when I get that bitch I'm coming after you." Pilot slams down the phone and alerts his guards that Sheba's on her way. "We're just going to have to prepare a welcoming party for her. And that Walker dude -- I want him eliminated off the face of the world!"

Sheba returns home and makes a call to Brick. She tells him, "Listen the hood that hit dad is a dude named Pilot -- I'm going after him." Brick says he wants to go with her but she hangs up the phone in protest. She pulls out one of her suitcases. Upon opening the luggage, we see that the suitcase is packed full of firearms (how did she get those through airport security, I wonder?)

Armed to her glistening white teeth, she drives out to Pilot's apartment building. She exits her car and readies her weapon. Without warning a green car speeds toward her. Sheba gets off a shot and dashes back to her car for cover. Another car arrives on the scene and more gunmen try to ambush Sheba. She shoots one guy down then dodges an oncoming car. She runs away and enters a fairground. Two thugs joined by Pilot himself (!?!) follow in hot pursuit.

The thugs sigh with frustration upon entering the active fairground. "Damn boss, we'll never find her in all this mess!" After a "Where's Waldo?" pan of the crowd, they spot her. Not before she spies them. She gracefully runs through the crowd, occasionally losing the thugs among the carnival rides only to sneak up on them at her leisure. Eventually, she dashes into a Funhouse, which she navigates with ease, but Pilot's bumbling henchman isn't as lucky. Since the doofus is carrying a gun in plain view, he's arrested upon emerging from the funhouse.

A short distance away, Pilot's number two thug spots Sheba. She runs and hides behind a wooden wall. When the goon approaches she plants a high-kick to his face, knocking him to the ground. She pulls her gun on him. He stammers. "I'm not the guy you want " Before he can finish, a shot rings out. Pilot stands before Sheba with a smoking pistol in his hand: he killed his own man!

Pilot tries to escape. Sheba follows him. To gain a vertical advantage, she jumps onto a roller coaster track. She pounces on Pilot when he passes underneath. She knocks him flat on his back and kicks the gun from his hand. She drags his body to the roller coaster and forces his neck down against the track. "Now before I turn you in you better tell me about your operation and you better tell me fast before you lose your head." Pilot looks at the oncoming roller coaster with fright! If he doesn't move, the roller coaster with run right over his head. Sheba repeats her command. "Tell me who your headman is!" He wheezes to Sheba that the real big cheese is named Shark (though everyone pronounces it as "SHOCK"). And he mumbles something about a yacht. He gives her the yacht number and she lets him escape from the barreling roller coaster.

She stands before the battered Pilot. "Now you tell your boss if you see him before I do that the lady is after his ass and you are proof that I always get my man." She spins away with a sadistic gleam in her eye. Pilot feels his throat to make sure it's still there.

Across town, Lieutenant Jackson berates Brick about Sheba. "If you don't get her out of this town I'm going to put you out of business permanently. I mean that. If people would only stop meddling and let the police their work " Brick interrupts with a reminder, "We tried that, Lieutenant, don't you remember? It didn't work." Jackson loses his cool. "I know it didn't work. We've got to stop her! Do you have any idea who she's after?" Brick offers a restrained yet forthright answer. "Some guy named Pilot."

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