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  The next morning, Sheba arrives at the loan house in yet another outfit and goes to her father's backroom office. "Can I have the car?" she asks her pop. He agrees and he hands her the keys.

Andy's phone rings as Sheba exits. Andy picks up the receiver. The caller is Pilot (played by D'Urville Martin). "Tell you what. I'm going to give you one more chance," says the thug. Recognizing the caller's voice, Andy sighs. "All right we'll talk."

Pilot, who's reclining in bed with three multi-ethnic street concubines, sits up with a start upon hearing Andy's submissive answer. "You mean you want to talk?" Andy replies in a defeat, "You set the time and place." Pilot smiles as he lets his women lick and rub him. "That's great. I've gotta tell you something. I had a surprise package connected to your ignition switch in your car. It's triggered to go off ten seconds after you turn it on."

Andy's eyes widen with fear as he realizes Sheba was heading out to use his death-rigged vehicle. He leaps up and dashes out to stop Sheba. Brick runs out with Andy.

Just as Sheba turns the key in the ignition, her screaming father rips open the car door. He and Brick briskly drag Sheba to an alley for safety. Exactly ten seconds after the key met the ignition, the car explodes in a ball of fire (good job timing that, Gird).

Sheba, fully aware of how close she just came to biting the big one, snarls at her father, "So you want to handle it all by yourself?" Andy tries to calm his daughter. "Now Sheba we had an agreement." Sheba pulls away. "That agreement just blew up in that car!" She stalks off in a huff. Brick and Andy exchange helpless glances.

Cut to police headquarters and cue CHARLIE KISSINGER as Lieutenant Phil Jackson. Sheba struts into headquarters as if it's familiar territory. Lieutenant Jackson smiles as soon as he sees her. "I heard you were back in town, Sheba! It's good to see you. Chicago must be treating you good." Sheba is unmoved by the detective's pleasantries. Jackson's smile dissolves. "I have a feeling this is not a social call," says Jackson. Sheba states evenly, "I want police protection for my father." Lieutenant Jackson shakes his head. "Well I can't make anybody on that." Sheba's eyes ignite with spite. "Should I take this as refusal of police protection?"

Jackson tries to reason with the steaming diva. "Oh come on Sheba were doing everything we can. I can't give him 24 hour protection because I simply don't have enough men available." Sheba snarls, "I know you don't want to break up their poker game." Jackson deflects her bitchy barb and insists, "We're doing everything humanly possible." Sheba's smarm cannot be quashed. "Oh (you're) the great humanitarian now. Phil, I've seen business after business go under. First it was the pawn shops. Then the bars. When I left town it was the employment agencies. And now the used car lots!"

Jackson cuts her short and warns, "Stay out of this Sheba." She bristles. "Stay out of it? That's your job." Lieutenant Jackson frowns with self-righteousness. "After all the times I went to bat for you around here, thanks a lot." Sheba hisses in reply, "I could count the times you went to bat for me on one finger." Since Sheba leaves at this point, there's little doubt as to which finger she meant.

Sheba drives out to some remote chemical factory. She enters the structure. A handwritten cardboard sign at the entrance reads, "Danger: Chlorine Gas." A young black man greets her. "Sheba Shayne -- what you doing back in town?" Sheba's lips curl with rage. "Don't give me that 'whatchoo doing back in town' shit! Was it you who wired my father's car?" The man looks confused. "Wired? What wired? I don't know what you're talking about. "

Sheba backs the man against a wall. "Maybe you do and maybe you don't. But if you didn't I know you know who did. Remember I was a cop in this town." The man pleads with Sheba but she won't ease down. She grabs him and waves a stick around in an odious manner. Possibly realizing how silly she looks brandishing a stick, she eventually whips out her gun and shoves the man through the warehouse. She leads the man to a bucket of chlorine powder and forces him to his knees. Sheba smashes the guy's face into the chlorine powder. "You're going to tell me everything you know or you're going to be the whitest nigger that ever left Louisville!"

The man screams in agony. Sheba pulls his head out of the caustic powder. He mumbles, "There's a guy who works in a used car lot " Before he can finish his sentence she dunks him again. He screams some more and she eases up. He sputters, "Tonight at midnight he's going to be at the train museum for some kind of payoff." Sheba looks him square in the powdered eye. "Swear it? If I have to wait until midnight you better be telling me the truth or your ass is mine." He swears that's all he knows, and Sheba strides off victorious.

We jump to peaceful scene with Brick later that same day. The two flirty-birds take a leisurely stroll around downtown Louisville. (Ah, once again we see Girdler's "Walk in the Park" concept of romance play out before our very eyes.) "Stop pinching me!" we hear Sheba squeal. And surprise - Sheba's sporting another kick-ass outfit. "So what did you find out today?" asks Brick. "Well dad was right. The police are not going to help. Now I do what the police won't." Brick stops in his tracks. "What are you talking about?"

Sheba assumes a haughty tone. "I'm talking about the hoods that wired dad's car. They're meeting at midnight tonight for some big business meeting. I plan to catch them in the act." Brick balks at her fairly lame strategy. "Listen -- I want to tell you something. You know that private detective badge you carry? Now that is not a warrant to arrest anybody with. And second of all we're not equipped to fight a bunch like that. Not on their terms." Sheba boils over. "Well, that's the only way to fight them is on their terms. We'll just have to bend the law. This is dad's life we're talking about."

Brick explains, "I understand that. But you can't handle it by street fighting for Chrissakes." Sheba remains defiant. "Well who said anything about street fighting? Do I look like a street fighter? I'm going to handle this the best way I can. You still think everything can be solved by logic. These people don't even know what logic means. They don't know how to spell logic. They shoot first and talk later." Brick explodes with frustration. "I don't want you to go out there and get your goddamned brains blown out!! We've got to find a better way!" Sheba shoots back, "Then you find it!"

We cut to yet another scenic Louisville location with lovely glistening fountains. The couple is still strolling around, though it's a little while later. "You mad?" asks a calmer Brick. Sheba assures him she's over it. "Then prove it!" Brick challenges. In response, she tries to push him into the fountain. Their play rasslin' ends with the two locked in a more-than friendly embrace. "I'm sorry I hollered at you," whispers Brick. Sheba looks into his eyes. "I accept your apology." Brick shoots her a tender glance and asks, "Do you have someone in Chicago?" Sheba grins seductively, "If you're asking if I sleep alone every night of the week, I'd have to say no. And then again if you're asking if I'm going with someone steady, I'd have to say no. So what are you asking?"

We can assume he was asking if she wanted to get buck-naked and roll around on a bed, because the next thing we see are the two sweaty lovers finishing "the deed." Word has it that European Sheba Baby theatrical release featured a fully exposed topless Grier. The shot was cut to make a PG rating in the US.

Brick eases back with a cigarette as Sheba groans in freshly-frigged ecstasy. "It's times like these when I wish I never left" coos Sheba. Breaking out of her orgasmic trance, she looks at the clock and realizes it's 11:30 PM -- time to meet up with the thugs. She needs to bolt if she's going to ambush the villains at midnight. Brick offers to go with her. "I thought you didn't want to get involved in any violence," she reminds him. "I will if it means I can get a repeat performance." The couple smile and smooch.

A short time later Brick and Sheba sneak into the antique train yard. Sheba loads her gun as they scan for activity. They duck down as a blue car approaches -- it parks rather far away. The two snoops stay in their car.

Pilot appears by the car with a group of guys. He engages in some kind of illicit deal with the thugs and shells out a lot of dough. He boasts, "We'll have all the loan sharks we can get soon as Shayne quits."

Sheba and Brick's car breaks up the mini thug convention. "Let's get the hell out of here!" yells Pilot. Sheba and Brick leap from the car and pursue the thugs on foot. The thugs scatter. One fires a shot at Sheba and she returns the favor. Bullets fly everywhere. The thugs hop into the train cars. Sheba catches wind of their cat-and-mouse and lays in wait for one thug, eventually knocking him out.

Elsewhere, Brick jumps another lowlife. Pilot sneaks from train car to train car. After blundering into a bell and alerting Sheba to his location, Pilot makes a brave dash for his pimp mobile.

Sheba poises to fire upon the gaudy vehicle but Brick grabs her arms and re-directs the bullet in the ground. The car speeds away into the night. "DAMN YOU!" Sheba screams at Brick.

Later, Pilot makes it back to his swinging bad guy pad. His bodyguards stand around twitchy and nervous, since it's obvious that their bossman is angry. "Look at my face because I am pissed!" seethes Pilot. "I mean I'm really pissed. That damned Sheba!" One of his goons pipes up and asks, "You want her hit?" Pilot spins around and cries, "Hell no. I don't want to hurt anybody. (huh?) Business was going real smooth until that bitch came into town. Now it ain't nothing like it used to be. (huh?) We had a terrific operation going: the best pawn shops and used car lots in the city. People would line up for block just to put money in our shops. And we take them for a ride. We have tough black people in the black community. They expect us to take their money. Why even the tornado didn't stop them from giving it to us." Pilot smiles menacingly. "If that bitch Sheba wants to make trouble for us then we're going to give it back "

(The "Tornado" Pilot mentions is the one that occurred in Louisville as Abby filmed.)

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