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  We cut to Lassiter at his hotel that same morning. He meets Inspector Cruz and Lynne Walker for breakfast at an outside café. The Inspector hands a letter to Lassiter and begins to say something. Cruz is interrupted by an urgent phone call. Cruz leaves the table momentarily.

Lassiter reads the letter and winces. He turns to Lynne and asks, "Have you been in the councilor's office for very long?" She says she's worked there four years. He presses her further. "Dedicated?" he asks. "Of course!" she responds with ruffled pride. He waves the letter in her face. "This is a secret priority one message I've read and understand. What should I do? What would you do?" She hesitates, then states, "I'd shred it and burn it! I don't understand what you're getting at." He grows smarmy, "If you were really dedicated, you'd grab it and eat it - then you wouldn't use a public toilet for two weeks." (Great point, you dumbass. Obviously 'Tact' is not part of Project Kill's training program). .She wrinkles her nose at his suggestion. Luckily, Cruz returns and puts an end to Lassiter's potty talk.

"We just got some information on your friend. Mr. Trevor was seen this morning accompanied by a Chinese woman. There is also a report that these people were involved in a high-speed chase along the lake highway. The vehicle has not been sighted." Cruz suggests they take a train to where the chase took place, and Lassiter agrees. Before they leave, Lassiter returns to his room to make a phone call.

In the hotel room, Lassiter weathers a verbal lashing from his superior. "If you had taken proper security measures, that phone call wouldn't have been overheard!" Lassiter expresses no remorse for being a dipshit. "Sir, I have another hot tip for you - someone stole my medication." (WHOA!! Wait a minute - when the hell did that happen? It's not in the movie.) His superior fumes, "I assume it was in your attaché case. Did they steal that too?" Lassiter confirms that his case is indeed missing. "You get Trevor, that is, if you're still capable of handling the operation. Do it quietly without publicity. He's dangerous." Frank explodes, "Personally, sir I don't give a damn about the publicity. I care about the man. What happens if he goes off the deep end?" There is a long pause on the other end. Finally, his superior speaks up, "With the serious International implications, you may have no choice. Bring him back or eliminate him." Lassiter grows pale and stammers, "I just wanted to hear you say it, Sir."

Lassiter heads over to the train station. To his frustration, he is greeted by Lynne. "Miss Walker, who authorized this trip?" he asks. "I told you before I can take care of myself. I authorize my own trips, and I go where I feel I have to go." She gets in his face and warns, "If you pull any more of your superiority gimmicks, this is one Radcliffe girl who can have you deported as an undesirable in nothing flat. And I mean it." Lassiter is not amused by her power play. "By all means, be my guest, Miss Walker."

Inspectors Cruz and Ortiz approach Lassiter, who is sweating profusely and looks unwell. Cruz asks if he's alright, and Lassiter insists that he's just not accustomed to the tropical climate. They board the train, but not before Lassiter takes note of some shady looking Asian thugs loitering near the boarding platform.

Lassiter seats himself, and loosens his collar to battle his drug withdrawal hot flashes. He spies one of the Asian thugs (Mr. Sunglasses) approaching the train bathroom. Lassiter realizes that the goon is carrying a grenade. He leaps from his seat and tackles the thug. Another goon emerges from the bathroom and fires a shot at Inspector Ortiz, hitting the officer in the chest. (Poor Ortiz - he was struck by a car just yesterday.) Lassiter shoves the grenade-carrying goon into the bathroom, and forces him to drop the grenade. He locks them in momentarily, pulls the grenade pin, then throws the small bomb into the train's bathroom. He yells for everybody to get down, and grabs a suitcase. He holds the suitcase over the bathroom door to dull the explosion. The burst sends Lassiter sailing back into the train compartment wall (though the suitcase strangely doesn't budge). Lassiter calls out for an ambulance. He fusses with his hair as he proudly leaves the crime scene.


After things calm down, Lassiter meets with Inspector Cruz and Miss Walker. Cruz informs him that Ortiz will recover, and there were no major organs damaged. Cruz congratulates Lassiter, "You reacted very quickly. It could have been worse." Lassiter replies, "OK, OK - so I'm a terrific person. What about Trevor?"

Cruz states, "Since the attempt was made before we left the depot, it means Alok is here, which means Trevor is here. Listen you'd be of greater help to us if you were to cooperate fully and stop withholding information from us intentionally." Lassiter sighs, "Are we back to that one, huh?" Cruz becomes flustered. "We NEVER left that, Mr. Lassiter! Look, if I were to accept your government's excuse for wanting Mr. Trevor, I'd have to ask many more questions. If Alok wanted those plates, he would have bought them. If what he wants is a man, it's quite a different thing. If you want to play a game, you can do it somewhere else and not in my country. Mr. Lassiter you will cooperate, or you can get the hell out!" Frank nods, but does not submit to Cruz's request.

Meanwhile, Trevor travels to the local dock to meet Kitolis, the man Wagner called about a boat. He cautiously ascends the staircase. He hears a commotion coming from behind a door. "You lied about Wagner - you will tell us everything about this!" yells a voice. Trevor pulls out his pistol, and uses it to knock on the door. The room grows quiet. The doorknob turns slowly. A bearded man opens the door. Trevor asks him, "You have a friend named Wagner?" The man says yes. " So do I," is Trevor's response. "What can I do for you?" the bearded man (Kitolis) stutters. Trevor answers evenly, " I have a business proposition for you …" Trevor kicks open the door and pushes Kitolis aside. He then punches one thug in the chest. Trevor fires two shots into the door, killing a goon hiding behind it. A final shot takes out the first goon and he falls out the office window.


Trevor turns to face the old man. "They work for Alok Lee," Kitolis offers without prompting. He points to the slain body of a man lying behind the desk. "My secretary - they killed the poor man. He couldn't tell them what he didn't know. They mentioned Wagner and a man named Trevor. That would be you?"

Trevor doesn't answer, but inquires about Wagner. "He's dead," Kitolis says. The words hit Trevor like a freight train. "WHAT?" John holds his head in pain. Twinkly music floats in to indicate a drug withdrawal moment. Trevor snaps out of his daze. "Got any liquor here? Pour two drinks … pour them where I can see them." Kitolis obeys and fetches some booze.

Trevor grabs a glass. "I need a boat," he says. They barter and agree that for $75, 000, Kitolis will secure a boat in two days. Trevor gives him $50, 000 in advance. "There are two of us," Trevor clarifies. Kitolis starts to balk about the extra passenger, but softens. He says, "Mr. Wagner and I have done much business over the years. Profitable business at that." Trevor nods his head sadly and raises his glass. "Yeah, I know. Here's to fools. And Sailors."

Elsewhere, Lynne Walker decides to pay Lassiter a late night visit. She heads him off as he tries to return to his room. "Well, well, well. Miss walker. If you don't stop following me, I'm going to call the police," Lassiter quips.

"I'm working the police," she says dryly. "You've been drinking."

Lassiter groans. "Man, I wish I could. Hey, could I offer one. It won't rust your gears." Lynne declines. "No thank you. I don't drink on duty." Lassiter is undaunted. "Miss Walker, for someone who's done so much for their country, you deserve a little enjoyment." She smiles sadistically. "Well, there is one little bit of enjoyment I will allow myself." She slaps him square in the jaw, then yells, "Before I left for the train today, I received a message from my director asking me to call off this thing. You arranged that, didn't you?" Lassiter lies (we heard him ask Ortiz to have Lynne reassigned earlier), "No I didn't. but it's cool. Because you don't belong here and I don't want you here." She is seething. "Oh 'man's work,' is that it?" Lassiter smirks at her. "Golly , you guessed it." Lynne is furious. "But it was alright a few seconds when you wanted a few creature comforts!" she hollers. "You guessed it again," he replies. Lassiter pulls her close to his body and kisses her. She squeals and breaks away. Frustrated and humiliated, Lynne slaps him again and storms off.

Back at the lodge, Lee Su returns to Trevor's room to find that he's sleeping. She approaches his reclined form and gently pats his head. His eyes spring open. He slugs her, knocking her to the floor. Trevor stands over Lee Su's body and poses as if he's about to deliver a deathblow. Twinkly music suggests he's suffering another withdrawal wave. He freezes, then realizes what he's about to do. His body relaxes. "Lee Su, forgive me." She begins to weep. "Why? Why? I don't understand."

Trevor is a physical wreck. His hands shake uncontrollably as he tries to explain his problems to his new love. "I'm sorry. Believe me I can't help it. I take drugs. And I'm part of a military program. And I train men to kill. I train them and I am one of them. And we use drugs in the program. And I've taken myself off the drugs. They're part of my control. Without them my responses become dangerous. I need the damn the stuff. I'm programmed to need it."

Lee Su fumbles through her purse and finds a bottle of prescription painkillers (or downers). She hands them to Trevor, who proceeds to ingest roughly half the bottle. Lee Su instructs Trevor to lie down. He begins babbling as the drugs take effect. "It's not the same anymore for me. I don't know where it's different, but it's different for me now. When it's all out of me …" She interrupts him. "Shhh - the pills are talking." Trevor laughs, "Pills! Now that's something different." He draws her close to him. "Lee Su: I'm not programmed for love." She cradles him tenderly as The Lonely Man song sets a somber mood.

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