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  (Note: I believe the proceeding events run concurrent with the scenes just described. So as the timeline of this movie goes, we're back to the same morning Lassiter's plane landed and he killed the guy in the parking lot. You with me? Good. Let's continue )

In a lusher region of the Philippines, Trevor is admiring the scenic landscape. He looks as if he's enjoying himself this despite his rather unfortunate polyester outfit. As he takes in the view, twinkly music again signals the adverse effects of his drug withdrawal. He removes his sunglasses, squints his eyes, and holds his head as if in pain. Vocal flashbacks flood his mind. "Control is the key!! KILL! KILL!"

A sweet voice breaks his psychological torment. "Are you alright? I saw you from over there." He opens his eyes and sees a beautiful, small-featured Asian woman standing before him (Nancy Kwan). His face lights up, and he struggles to pull himself together. "I'm fine, just fine. Just a minute. What-eh, what's your name? Where do you come from?" She smiles warmly. "My name is Lee Su. I'm from Milange." Trevor gently asks, "Lee Su - stay with me?" She nods. "Alright. Walk with me."

The handsome couple stroll across the stunning hotel grounds. "Lee Su that's just a name I wanna remember," muses a smitten Trevor. "And your name?" she asks. He hesitates. "Bill Rider. So you're staying here at the lodge? I just came in myself. I'm glad you're here. I hope that we see each other again." She flashes him a flirtatious grin and says, "I hope so too."

We cut to the Lodge's tacky bar/restaurant later that same night. A schmaltzy lounge act is performing the centerpiece musical theme of the film: The Lonely Man song.

(Click Here To Listen To The Recurring Anti-Love Theme From Project Kill: The Lonely Man Song. Real Audio: 206 KB. Also available as a 1.5 MB Mpeg.)

Lee Su is seated at a table all alone. As the music plays, Trevor enters the restaurant dressed in his best shiny butterfly-collared shit. The maitre de asks if he needs a table, but Trevor declines. He scopes the room until he finds what he's looking for: Lee Su. He approaches the Asian beauty. "Have you ordered?" he asks her. "No. I was hoping someone would join me." He smiles and sits down. A quick burst of twinkly music signals another withdrawal attack. "Mr. Rider, are you all right?" cries a concerned Lee Su. Trevor shrugs it off and grabs a glass of wine. "Too much nightlife, I guess. Well cheers!" (1)

The lonely man theme plays on symbolically.

    So go away.
    And don't follow me.
    Let time swallow me.
    As time will do.
    In my lonely world,
    There's no place for you.
Elsewhere, at Carl and Hook's place, a screeching car commands the two disabled drinking pals' attention. They exchange nervous glances, then share a drink.. "Is today the day?" ponders Carl. "Found his mothership did they? How many?" Hook holds up five fingers. Carl continues. "And it's not the law? Huh. Have a drink, Mr. Hook. Prepare to do battle!" Carl coughs violently and wheels off to the living room. A door buzzer rings out. "The answer to our prayer," he mumbles.

The door rattles and a voice yells out, "Open up the door Mr. Wagner. If you cooperate there will be no trouble."

Hook and Carl ready themselves. The door bursts open and the mobsters enter. Carl immediately shoots one Asian mobster dead. Another goon jumps Carl in his wheelchair and knocks the gun away from him. Yet another thug comes in firing with a shotgun and blows a fatal hole in Hook's stomach. The disabled Carl proceeds to take on the strongmen via hand to hand combat. Eventually, they force him back into his wheelchair and hold him down. Once Carl is acceptably immobilized, Alok Lee arrives to interrogate Carl.

"Mr. Wagner Let me commend you. A formidable bit of resistance," croons Alok in slow, deliberate English. "Now that this is over, I want you tell me where your friend Mr. Trevor is." Carl struggles in the clutches of the gangsters. "Go to hell!" he shrieks. "Mr. Wagner, I do not want you to endure more pain. Trevor has something I am interested in and something for which I have a customer. You can not win out, Mr. Wagner. This pain will pierce through your masculine form. When I get out of here, I will get what I want from you." Carl sneers at the chunky badguy. He spits in Alok's eye. Alok pulls out a hanky and wipes the saliva from his cheek. "Foolish Mr. Wagner. Foolish." A giggling demented Asian thug in a red suit approaches Carl. He whips out a large switchblade and raises it to Wagner's throat. Carl's eyes grow wide with fear

Back at the 'Lonely Man Lounge," Trevor and Lee Su are having the swellest date of their lives. After a nice romantic dinner, they exit to the veranda and enjoy the moonlit scenery. They decide to go for another walk - this time in the dark. They hold hands and laugh like dippy teenagers. Consumed by the tenderness of the moment, they kiss passionately.

While Trevor and Lee Su enjoy a wild evening together, the police gather at Wagner and Hook's bungalow. Lassiter, who JUST NOW gets off his lazy ass to follow-up his earlier assignment, arrives at the house and saunters up to Inspector Cruz and Lynne Walker. "Strange meeting you here," says Cruz. "Coincidence no doubt." Lassiter dismisses the comment and asks, "What happened?" Cruz leads Lassiter to the living room, points to Hook's body, and replies, "A battle, obviously." Their eyes are drawn to the Carl's blood-drenched corpse, which hangs by a hook-like structure on the patio. Lynne gasps in disgust. Lassiter tells her, "Miss Walker, if this is a bit much for your stomach, you can wait in the car." She shoots him an angry glance, and remains with the team out of spite.

Cruz turns to Lassiter and remarks, "The dossier on Trevor was most interesting. We cross-checked that with a list of Americans who live here in Manila. We came up with one man who served with Trevor. The winner of the Navy Cross for gallantry in action. Gallantry, Mr. Lassiter. Do you know what the word means?" Lassiter looks away. "Who can afford gallantry these days?" Cruz retorts sharply, "It is an old word. But not EVERYONE has forgotten it."

Lassiter ignores the barb and asks, "How'd he find out about Wagner?" Cruz stares him dead in the eye and calmly fires back, " How did YOU find out about Wagner?" Lassiter offers no answer.

Early the next morning, Trevor telephones Wagner, only to discover that the number is now disconnected. His body becomes tense as he begins to suspect something unpleasant has happened. He reviews the contact information Wagner handed him the previous day. "Is something wrong?" Lee Su asks while snuggled in Trevor's bed. He hops in next to her and caresses her shoulders. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you. No, there's nothing wrong. Just trying to contact an old friend." Starry-eyed, Lee Su asks, "You've seen much trouble haven't you Mr. Rider?"

He grins at her observation. "A little," he says. She adds, "You had no monopoly on that." He senses that she's flirting. "On what?" he asks. "Trouble!" she replies with a girlish giggle. He smiles, "I know that, too. I'm concerned about my own, though." Lee Su's pillow-talk grows even more philosophical. "Yes, because you know them best. You want much in life. I mean, of life."

Trevor shakes his head in disagreement. "Not much. All I know is: I don't want what I've had.anymore. And I don't know what's up front. I'm not used to that. I'm feeling like a kid all weak inside. If I cashed out tomorrow, no one would know I existed. I'd just be another dead soldier. I think that what I want is someone who really cares that I've been alive. Someone I can trust. Someone who would trust me. A woman. "

Lee Su states matter-of-factly, "It is love you want. Same as I." Trevor sits up. "Who the hell knows what they want? Who the hell knows anything?" Lee Su replies gently yet firmly, "I'm the one. And you want many things." He moves in close to her and says. "Well, you see, how foolish I am."

"No. Dreaming is not foolish," she assures him. "I will dream with you and if you also want, I will love you." She kisses his lips gently, and they embrace.

Later that same morning, the couple leaves the lodge in Trevor's car for a bit of Sunday driving. They smile, laugh, chitter, and otherwise revel in their newfound puppy love. Trevor catches sight of a suspicious red car (the one that attacked Lassiter) in his rearview mirror. He tells Lee Su to hang on, and he floors the gas pedal. The red car speeds after them. They race down narrow, dusty roads. Trevor tries to lose his pursuers by barreling through a residential area. Children scurry for cover as the cars crash into makeshift fruit stands.

The red car struggles to pass Trevor, but he cuts them off. They ram the back of Trevor's car. Trevor lets the red vehicle approach on the side, then skillfully runs his enemy off the road. He and Lee Su drive off unharmed.

(1) Notice the similarities these Project Kill scenes share in common with Three on a Meathook. We start with a mental flashback of someone yelling "KILL KILL" in Trevor's head, which also happens to Billy in Meathook. We have a boring "half-time" musical number with extended shots of lounge performers. AND BEST OF ALL: we have a couple who falls in love by way of extended park strolling. Girdler's "walk in the park" concept of romance also pops up in Asylum of Satan.

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