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  The film jumps to (guess what?) A SHOT OF AN AIRPLANE LANDING!!! Text from a telegraph message is projected over the mighty aircraft. "Attention all US embassies law enforcement agencies . Interpol Priority One detain John Trevor rpt former security chief travelling with forged diplomatic passport believed in possession of stolen us treasury plates attention Manila Frank Lassiter US security investigative agent assigned to your area priority one priority one."

Lassiter exits the plane. A lovely blond woman, a stern Filipino, and a cop in a pink shirt are there to greet him. "Mr. Lassiter - I'm Lynne Walker. I'm the US Council Liaison Officer. Is there any cover story for the press on this situation." Perturbed, Lassiter answers, "No. You see, Mr. Trevor is a very dangerous man. I think it's best we keep it from the local press." Lynne's baby doll face twists in frustration. "Well, I have my job to do, too, Mr. Lassiter. And I intend to do it."

The stern Filipino cuts off the annoying blonde and whips out his badge. "Mr. Lassiter, I'm Inspector Cruz. This is my associate Inspector Ortiz. Please follow us."

The four head to police headquarters and convene in an office. An eye-catching saltwater fish tank is the centerpiece of the over-furnished room. Lassiter tries to take charge by asking Cruz to track down any American in the area who might have a military connection to John Trevor. Cruz agrees, but adds, "You must know there are others interested in Mr. Trevor's whereabouts."

Inspector Ortiz pipes up. "A private plane just arrived at Manila International carrying a passenger from an indirect route from Hong Kong. A man called Alok Lee - an international trader." "Trader in what?" Lassiter asks. "Anything of value," replies Cruz. "Of course they are under observation. But we were ordered to stand down. Mr. Lassiter, would you know why?"

Lassiter walks away and pretends that he's fascinated by the fish tank while he thinks up something clever to say. "How should I know?" Lassiter finally answers elusively. Cruz responds with forced patience. "Of course - how should you know? Obviously there's something of great value involved to bring Alok himself here "

Lassiter snaps, "Yeah - the plates!" Cruz shakes his head. "Such things could be handled by intermediaries and usually are." Lassiter tries to end the discussion by insisting that he has no other information he can give the inspector. Cruz reclines in his chair. "I see, well then perhaps before you retire to the hotel you might ease my apprehension in another area what was Trevor's motive for all this?"

Lassiter clears his throat. "OK. It's an illness. Um - about three weeks ago he went through his annual physical. It's a malignancy. It's terminal and it's inoperable. You see, inspector, he's a man who worked for government agencies all of his life. He lived in a sterile apartment with sterile people around." Cruz asks, "He wasn't paid well?" Lassiter elaborates, "Quite well, but let's say not well enough to cover a lifetime of experiences he never had. A man like that wants the best, and it takes money. The plates are worth millions, and with them he can buy himself a new life regardless how short it might be. At least that's the way we look at it." Cruz still seems thoroughly unconvinced, but he mutters a polite "I see "

The meeting adjourns. Inspector Ortiz escorts Lassiter to his car parked in an underground lot. As they walk, Lassiter asks Ortiz to see what he can do about "getting Miss Walker back behind a desk where she belongs." The screeching sound of car tires grabs their attention. A red vehicle roars into the lot -- headed straight for Lassiter and Ortiz. In the confusion, the car rams Ortiz, sending him flying. The car crashes into a support beam. Lassiter dashes to the car and yanks out an Asian thug. Frank tosses the gangster against a wall and kills him with several deathblows (which kinda look like slaps). The thug's body slumps to the ground as the car speeds off. Lassiter seems pleased with himself. As he turns to leave the corpse, he flips his hair back as if to say: "Not only am I a cold-blooded killer, but gee, my hair looks terrific!"


Later, Miss Walker drives Lassiter to their hotel (why she didn't do that in the first place is beyond me). She is visibly annoyed. Lassiter tries to break the tension. "Why so quiet? I thought you were an accomplished conversationalist." She ignores his lousy attempt at small talk "They told me about the man you killed in the garage "

"It was an accident, Miss Walker. Just an accident" explains Lassiter. "That accident was on foreign soil. It may not concern you, but I'm the one who has to make the explanations." (Note: both actors flub their lines here and stammer for a bit.) Tongue-tied, Lassiter barks, "Well you're the picture of efficiency. It shouldn't be too difficult for you. Hey, as long as we're stuck with one another we might as well get along, OK?" Lynne turns her eyes to the road. Purposefully, she asks, "The man you're after is a man like you, isn't he?" Lassiter pauses, then answers somberly. "He's not like me. He's a lot better at his job than I am."

Miss Walker and Lassiter arrive at their luxurious hotel. Lassiter goes to the front desk and checks in. The man behind the counter announces that "a friend of yours is waiting at the bar." Lassiter is confused. He turns to Miss Walker. "Did you tell anyone I was coming?" She shakes her head. Fearlessly, Lassiter and Walker head to the bar to see what's going on.

After they exit, a creepy Asian mobster (the one who wears sunglasses at night) approaches the counter to book a room. "I was wondering if I could get a room next to Mr. Lassiter. We will be doing business together "

In the kitschy hotel bar, Lassiter asks "See anyone you know?" Just then, two Asian guys call him over. He swaggers to the bar and says, "Do I know you?" The Asian men grin. "In a way. You and your friend tried to wreck our car in the garage this morning." Lassiter fakes a knowing smile. "Oh, yeah. Excuse me a minute, boys." He tugs at Lynne and points to a lovely saltwater fish tank on the other side of the room. "Miss Walker - go look at the fish. THE PRETTY FISH." She sneers at the suggestion, but does what she's told. Lassiter returns to the Asian men. "Anyway, Poncho, you said something about the garage?" The Asian men smile. "We just wanted you to know we don't hold any gripes." Lassiter growls back, "I do." The men burst into laughter. Lassiter turns to leave, but the men call after him. "Hey wait a minute, don't rush off! You and your lady friend - have a drink with us!"

Meanwhile, the creepy Asian sunglasses guy breaks into Lassiter's room with remarkable ease - and whilst smoking a pipe (not exactly covert, smart guy), he bugs Lassiter's phone.

Back at the bar, the gangsters continue pestering Lassiter. "Anything you need, we'll see that you get it. Just don't have any more accidents." Lassiter smiles briefly, then grabs the talkier gangster by the scruff of his shirt. He pummels the man against the bar. He continues kicking gangster ass for a few minutes, then tosses them into some crystal beaded curtains. Satisfied that the badguys have been bested, he approaches Miss Walker and asks flippantly, "How were the pretty fish?"

Later that night, Lassiter takes his scheduled injections in his bugged hotel room. The phone rings just as he finishes shooting up. He picks up the receiver (what a crummy agent - he never checked to see if it was tapped). The voice on the other line announces that "Carl Wagner is the only contact here. Find him, get it finished. Trevor's dangerous!" Lassiter assures the caller that he will complete his task, and hangs up. Does he do what he promises? NO!! He sinks back into his bed and takes a load off!!

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