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Grizzly -- This alternate painting comes from an Australian poster and it was the primary image used to promote the film in Europe. It's very action-packed, and it doesn't invite the "Vigilante Smokey Bear" comparison like the standard graphic.
Grizzly -- Again, the same resonating killer bear image. Made cooler by the addition of Japanese characters.
Day of the Animals -- Another solid "when animals attack" icon. There's some delightful detail drawn into the background. I can't quite make out the artist's name, though the style resembles the Euro Grizzly. (See Buying Girdler Gear.)
Day of the Animals -- My favorite Girdler poster image. I don't know why I find the use of a sad, pathetic child in mortal jeopardy so darned entertaining, but this image gives me a giggle every time I see it. (See Buying Girdler Gear.)
Day of the Animals -- A poster variant from New Zealand. The circles used for the bear's eyes feature an enlarged image from the standard Day of poster. It's a neat painting when viewed at a distance, but the poster's simplicity becomes readily apparent when viewed at close range.

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