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Abby -- Abby's run was a mite longer in Europe than it was in the US. The Italian images are especially attention-grabbing.
Abby -- The photograph does not do justice to the lovely painting depicting Abby's barroom exorcism.
Abby -- Here we have the main piece of promotional art for the short-lived US release. Has anyone else wondered who Abby's 'friend' is?
Sheba Baby! -- One of the most flattering poster images of Pam Grier. Oft-imitated, seldom replicated, it became a benchmark for future Grier press shots.
Grizzly --A very simple, yet effective spin on the Jaws graphic. The bear vs. blonde motif is so timeless, it appears untouched on the DVD version of the film. Drawn by comic book legend Neal Adams. (See Buying Girdler Gear.)

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