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  The promotional art that accompanies Girdler's films is consistently striking. True, movie poster art reached a zenith in the seventies, but Girdler's images are all unusually memorable. Maybe he possessed some divine instinct for Hollywood iconography. Maybe he employed a kick-ass design firm.

The following images are from my personal Girdler collection; creases, tears, glare, and all. While I own the actual posters, I used clear scans from the amazing book What it is ... What it Was!! for the first Zebra Killer graphic and the large Italian Abby image. My copies of those two posters look like they barely survived Nam.

I do not sell memorabilia from my personal collection. However, many of these posters are available for purchase through a William Girdler.com affiliate. For more information, please see the Buying Girdler Gear section.

Asylum of Satan -- This is actually the cover to the oversized pressbook, but the poster and other media material feature the same image.
Three on a Meathook -- Donated to William Girdler.com by Tobin Fields. A memorably stunning image, fine enough to hang in my living room. Kissinger looks particularly hateful.
The Zebra Killer -- Everything I know about Zebra Killer, I learned from posters. Note how this Zebra Killer promo lists Arthur Marks prominently, and credits the distributor as General Films. My copy of the poster sports a handwritten "Rated R." The printed PG rating is covered over with white paint.
Panic City -- This retitled Zebra Killer image graces the British poster. Arthur Marks' name is omitted from the credits, and Girdler's Mid-America Pictures appears in its place. The frightened white woman restrained by her hair makes this one of my favorite Girdler posters.
Combat Cops -- If at first your film titles don't succeed, try try again. The Zebra image is a painting done atop movie stills. The poster is dated 1974, and like the British daybill it lists Mid-America Pictures but omits Arthur Marks. It sports a "Rated R" sticker slapped over a printed "PG" rating. (See Buying Girdler Gear.)

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