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  Paw emerges from the house the next morning and wakes up Billy, who was sleeping in the shed. Billy is wearing the nice clean shirt he grabbed the previous night. Paw looks troubled. "Billy, I tried to tell you what would happen if they stayed here. Why didn't you listen to me, son? It's too late now " Billy is puzzled. "What are you talking about?" Paw looks away. Billy's confusion turns to concern. He dashes toward the house and runs upstairs. One by one, he finds the blood-drenched bodies of the slain women. His grim discoveries are made sadder by the solemn harmonica music which floats in.

Paw arrives to comfort Billy. The lad's tear-drenched face contorts with disgust and grief. "Paw, I couldn't have I don't remember any of it," chokes Billy. Paw shakes his head. "It's alright, son. You didn't remember the others. I'll take care of everything." Billy begins to sob, and Paw holds his arm tenderly. "Take the truck and get our supplies. You go on into town." Paw reaches into his pocket as he leads Billy toward the stairs. "Here's some extra money. You go to a movie and don't come back until you're feeling better.

Still dazed, Billy gets into his pick-up truck. He drives away from the house (incidentally, the truck is now quite loud). Before tending to his assigned errands, he stops off at a local public cemetery to visit his mother's grave. He kneels down in the grass at the foot of her headstone. "Hello Maw. It's Billy," he says aloud. "I think I've done something wrong. I can't go on like this. If I really am killing people, I should be put away. But Paw Paw keeps telling me everything would be all right. I wish you were here. You always knew what to tell me. Maw help me. Please, Maw, tell me what to do."

Maw must not have much to say. Because the next thing you know, Billy's loading sacks into his truck. Once he finishes his chores, he drives into Louisville to catch a showing of The Graduate with Dustin Hoffman. After the movie, he wanders the streets of Louisville backed by the jamming 70s lounge music of The American X-Press. He decides to check out a local bar perhaps drawn there by the live American X-Press tunes. Billy seats himself and cozies up with a stiff drink. A sassy young waitress asks him if he would like another. Billy's shyness causes him to stammer. Suddenly, her face becomes a mask of concern. "You've got a big problem, haven't you?" Billy freezes up, then mutters, "Yeah. Uh, I'll take that drink." The waitress shrugs and saunters off. Billy gulps down his booze as The American X-Press sings:

    Life is so ridiculous;
    And I am so meticulous;
    I don't even like black licorice.
    And we're allllllllllll INSANE!

    People killing here and there;
    There isn't any love to share;
    People don't really care.

(Click Here To Groove to The American X-Press. Real Media: 115 KB. Also available as a 1 MB Mpeg.)

The waitress draws Billy's attention away from the rockin' tunes. She offers him that follow-up drink. Billy accepts. "You're very pretty, Ma'am," he says with a trembling voice. "Drop the ma'am business, the name's Sherry" she retorts with a cheery smile. Billy blushes and fidgets in his chair. "This is a really nice place you've got," he rambles nervously. "It's not mine," answers Sherry. "I just work here." Billy corrects himself, "No, I mean you're really nice." She smiles flirtatiously and skips away. Bill's attention returns to the sounds of The American X-Press.

    Picking women on the street;
    People acting mad at me;
    Isn't it a stupid, silly scene?

    Needles, pills, and sugarcubes;
    And multi-colored neon tubes;
    People stuck in plastic grooves.
    And we're allllllllllll INSANE!

Billy slowly wakes up the following morning to find himself lying next to a very nude Sherry. "Good morning," she coos. Billy opens his eyes. "What happened?" he asks groggily. "I brought you too many drinks and you passed out," answers Sherry. "They were going to call the cops but you looked like you had enough problems. I didn't know where you lived so all I could do was bring you home."

Billy sits up and looks down at his crotch. He discovers his own nakedness. "Oh my God " he cries. "You had an accident," says Sherry. Billy slumps back into the bed. Sherry asks, "Would you like some breakfast?" Billy answers with embarrassment, "No, but I would like my pants back." Sherry stands and walks across the room while naked. "Did I did we ?" begins Billy. Sherry smiles and replies, "No. You didn't screw me. You slept like a baby. I always sleep like this." Sherry walks over to her closet, throws on a robe, and retrieves Billy's slacks. "I washed them out for you, but they're not quite dry."

"I'm really sorry " Billy says as he modestly redresses under the bedsheets. "Don't be," interrupts Sherry. "I kind of liked taking care of you." Billy sits up and explains, "I don't usually get drunk. Just had a lot on my mind." Sherry agrees. "I know you're worried about something. Men don't drink like you did unless they're either lonely or worried. And you were a worried drinker last night." Billy asks sheepishly, "Did I say anything in my sleep?" Sherry replies, "You kept mumbling 'I couldn't have don't it.' That's all."

Over a hearty breakfast, Billy tells Sherry he'd like to spend the day with her. So the two head over to Cherokee Park and chitchat sweetly on a swingset. Billy offers clever anecdotes from his childhood to pass the time. "Paw had a grin ear-to-ear the day that old sow won the blue ribbon. Bertha was her name, " we hear him tell Sherry. "I don't remember much about it. But I do remember that that day I had a brand new pair of pants. I loved that old sow. Paw used to let me go to the judge's stand to get the ribbon. Which is alright, except when the judge called out old Bertha's name, I jumped up and plain split the seat of my pants. It was the only good pair of pants I had!"(2) Sherry laughs hysterically at Billy's tale. "Sounds like you and your father are very close," comments Sherry. Billy nods but adds, "Maw died about ten years ago. Afterwards I was up in Ohio. I just moved back here a few weeks ago. We're just learning to get used to each other again. He's quite a man. Even taught himself to be a good cook."

The couple stroll through the lush park. Sherry explains that she's a college drop-out who took up waitressing to make ends meet. Billy suddenly stops her and asks, "Why me?" She grins, "Maybe through all that worried drinking a little loneliness sneaked out."

Nighttime approaches and Billy realizes he must return home. The couple had so much fun on the swingset they plan another date. "I'll see you Sunday morning I might bring a friend with me," says Sherry. Billy gushes, "You're gonna stay the night, right?" Sherry replies, "If it's OK with your dad " Billy assures her, "It will be. Well, I'm sorry again about last night." Sherry beams, "Maybe you can do something like that for me someday." (Like what!?! Scrub out her pants after she pees herself? Is this a Girdler flick or a Japanese fetish film? ) The two engage in a long, passionate, goodbye kiss, then Billy drives off in his truck.

(2) When you read this dialogue, you realize that if James Pickett wasn't such a talented actor, Billy would almost seem autistic. Most importantly, we learn from this scene that Billy has had problems keeping his pants on before.

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