This humble page was a labor of love for the many friends and fans that helped compile it. I’d like to thank Donnie Waddell for his many efforts on my behalf and for spending those long hours at the Public Library with me, squinting at ancient microfilm records. Lee Staton provided scanning services above and beyond the call of duty and did a masterful job in cleaning up some pretty messy images! I probably wouldn’t have embarked on this little project had it not been for the inspiration of George Chastain’s massive TV Horror Hosts website project. Please check it out!

A couple of very special thank-you’s are in order. Ray Foushee, the Promotions Director at WDRB, is a long-time television historian who made the discovery of the year by unearthing the long-lost photo of Charlie as The Fearmonger from the station files. I’m in his debt for providing the picture for new negatives and scans. For the first time in nearly 25 years, the face of The Fearmonger graces the cathode ray tube...

Bob Burns is a legend in his own time and a true nice-guy. This premiere historian and archivist of fantastic cinema and television has been a source of inspiration for many folks in the entertainment industry and a regular guest at Louisville’s own Wonderfest for many, many years. It was through his efforts that my 20+ year search for the elusive Fright Night music came to fruition and I thank him, and the folks at Valentino Production Music, for bringing that eerie, evocative theme back into my life...

Finally, I’d like to thank you all for checking out my page and I welcome any and all comments and contributions. If you’ve got any Fright Night material or recollections, I’d love to see, hear or read them! Contact me at or write to the following address:

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