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  The following section is comprised of items and special features that don't quite fit anywhere else. The official William Girdler.com Family of Websites, including Carol Speed's Web Den and The Fearmonger Site, contain some really fun cult/b-movie information, so they are highly recommended.

The Asylum of Dr. Death
The Asylum of Dr. Death

New for November 2002: Before there was Asylum of Satan, there was The Asylum of Dr. Death. This review/analysis of Asylum of Satan's original script offers insight into how Girdler envisioned his debut film. Also features descriptions of cut scenes and other oddities.

Invasion of the Girl Snatchers
Invasion of the Girl Snatchers

New for December 2001: Many film buffs deem Invasion of the Girl Snatchers (aka The Hidan of Maukbeiangjow) one of the oddest drive-in movies to emerge from the 70s. This low-budget Louisville feature boasts the talents of many once and future Girdler veterans. Included in this special section are interviews with Carla Rueckert McCarty, Hugh Smith, David Roster, and Chuck Rubin.

Dr. Gore
Pat Patterson's Dr. Gore

New for November 2001: Herschell Gordon Lewis collaborator Pat Patterson provided the fun-as-heck gore effects for Girdler's Three on a Meathook. So when Pat needed help finishing his own feature later that same year, he turned to Billy, who lent his studio and his musical skills to the finished product. Dripping with sound clips and pictures, this plot summary of Dr. Gore also serves as a fitting tribute to Patterson.

Girdler Literature
Girdler Book Reviews

New for September 2001: Reviews of the novelizations for Grizzly and Day of the Animals, as well as extensive notes on The Manitou. Includes comments from Bill Girdler regarding changes he made to Masterton's novel.

James Pickett Memorial
James Pickett Memorial

James Pickett appeared in Girdler's most memorable early films. He passed away in 1994. This brief tribute details his impressive accomplishments throughout the 80s and 90's.

Carol Speed's Web Den
Carol Speed

Carol Speed, star of Abby, now has her own site here at William Girdler.com. This sister site is packed with gorgeous photos, media clips, and great stories about Carol's film roles. Updated monthly.

The Fearmonger
Charles Kissinger

In addition to his Girdler film roles, Charles Kissinger became a local celebrity by hosting Fright Night, a primetime Louisville horror offering that was wildly popular in the seventies. Dave Conover is the author of this William Girdler.com satellite site, and he provides plenty of sights and sounds to honor the Louisville legend.

Blobfest 2002
Blobfest 2002

New for July 2002: Exclusive off-topic coverage of Phoenixville, PA's annual festival celebrating the sci-fi/horror classic, The Blob.

Awards and Stuff

William Girdler.com has won numerous awards and plugs since its formation, all of which have brought many new people to the site. Reel in wonder and shock at the many distinctions earned by a site about a filmmaker who never wanted to win an award. COMING SOON: A gallery of site designs from the past year. Ever-expanding since the webmaster is neurotic about keeping the site aesthetically fresh.