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  Madelyn Buzzard took the time to speak to me recently about her work on Three on a Meathook. Her comments will appear on the site sometime soon.

Michael Clifford sent some of the warmest Girdler memories to date for inclusion in the Zebra Killer summary.

Dave Conover sent me a stack of local Girdler press he gathered for an article focused on Charles Kissinger, and saved me hours of library scouring. Additionally, he mailed me a shooting script for The Manitou and gave me an Abby pressbook, for which I am eternally grateful. Check out his work on the Charles Kissinger Fright Night site; now officially part of the William Girdler.com family.

Tobin Fields, a projectionist at The Baxter thatre, was my guide in Louisville during my 2000 trip and gave me a swell Meathook poster. He also helped film Carol Speed recently.

Claude Fulkerson discussed Asylum of Satan with me over the phone -- look for his remarks to appear sometime in 2002.

Avis Girdler met with me in January 2002 and opened my eyes to some information I didn't know before.

Brent Girdler contributed the great 'Makingof Grizzly' footage.

Lois Haynie, script supervisor on several early Girdler efforts, granted me a phone interview while I was in Louisville. I'll probably be bugging her again in the near future, too. She was very warm and funny, and I appreciate the time she lent me.

Lee Jones graciously spoke to me at length, and he put me in contact with many friends of Girdler. He's a personable guy, and he's a very colorful conversationalist. I cannot thank him enough for his help and support. He's currently lending his resources to a new Louisville horror film, and you can read all about the project by clicking here.

J. Patrick Kelly has been in touch with me when possible to answer questions. He's been a wonderful source of both inspiration and support. He also dug up an original print of Asylum of Satan that now resides in Louisville. I hear there are some extra scenes not included in the video releases. Can't wait to see it when I make my return visit.

Lynne Kelly, Billy's sister, has been most supportive, including talking about Billy and picking up posters and bears.

Craig Layne, son of screenwriter Gordon Layne, has helped out in many ways, including sending Gordon's MAP business card as well as a photograph taken on the sets of Zebra Killer.

Graham Masterton, an author with a hundred different projects on his plate, agreed to an email interview ... and did so at the most perfect time! I thank him for his generosity.

David Roster found the site while in search of a copy of Invasion of the Girl Snatchers. Then he availed himself to an interview. Thanks.

Chuck Rubin also graciously discussed his Invasion of the Girl Snatchers stint.

Carla Rueckert was a joy to interview -- just a really fascinating, bright woman.

Joe Schulten braved my dingy Red Roof Inn room to share some very enlightening memories with me. He was very friendly, and he told me a lot of interesting stories. He gave up a lovely Saturday afternoon and evening to do so. Thank you kindly.

David Sheldon has offered some great stories related to his Girdler tenure. He's a very busy writer/director/producer in the TV and film industries (including a current HBO project with Montel Williams). I greatly appreciate his time.

Hugh Smith contributed that great interview, as well as some snazzy pictures from Invasion of the Girl Snatchers.

Carol Speed (aka: My Goddess) just sent me a bunch of articles, photos, and other goodies. Since it's public knowledge that Abby is my favorite Girdler film, I can't thank Carol enough for the prime info. I never thought I'd be blessed with a day in which I speak to the one and only Abby.

Don Wrege provided me with the first batch of Girdler memories in the form of a very compelling interview. Grip Of Satan remains my favorite section of the site, and I thank him again for contributing such gem material to William Girdler.com.

Todd Brashear is the esteemed owner of Wild And Woolly Video in Louisville. He gave me the Abby and Sheba radio spots, and he also let me make copies of his pressbooks.

Clark Moffat from Hollywood furnished the long-sought copy of Zebra Killer. I don't know where he got it, but I owe him a huge debt of gratitude.

Then there's little 'ol me: Patty. I designed, coded, implemented, composed, edited, and generally sweat over this site. I live in a little town not so far away from Philadelphia, PA. I started seriously researching Girdler via public records and other written material not quite two years ago. At first I wanted to write a book and/or make a documentary. Then I realized I could do both through the magic of the Internet. My goal is to create an online interactive biography filled with material unavailable elsewhere. Since there isn't very much written about Girdler, this won't be difficult (and in some respects, the goal is already achieved). I still aim to convert the site content into a book someday ... with a multimedia CD ROM if I have my way.

I am often asked, "Why in God's name are you doing this?" The short answer is: pure obsession. The long answer is: I think Girdler's career was extraordinary and ultimately tragic. I loved his films when I was a kid; I love them as an adult. And I'd very much like to see this site generate some renewed interest in his work.

This site has earned a fair share of awards/plugs since its launch in June, 2000. It's all listed on the awards page, if you're interested. A hearty 'thank-you' goes out to everyone who sent web traffic my way. Should you wish to link WG.com from your own happy site, feel free to swipe a logo graphic. By the by, a small portion of the content previously appeared on another now-defunct freebie server site that I contributed to in December, 1998.

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A few last remarks: All material taken from newspapers/magazines is credited to the best of my ability. I don't have complete information on some newspaper sources regarding dates. As soon as I find said info, I will update my citations.

All film clips/images are presented for educational purposes (as well as to plug the hell out of the movies), and are the property of their respected owners. Asylum of Satan and Three on a Meathook are owned by Jeffrey C. Hogue, as are Dr. Gore and Invasion of the Girl Snatchers. Grizzly and Day of the Animals are owned by Liberty International. Sheba Baby, Abby and The Manitou are the property of MGM. Picturmedia reportedly owns Project Kill. Zebra Killer is public domain. You can obtain copies of Girdler's films by visiting the Buying Girdler section.


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