Hello and thanks for stopping by Carol Speed's Official Web Den. Carol appeared in some of the most successful "blaxploitation" films released in the 70s, including The Mack, The Big Bird Cage, Black Samson, and Abby. She worked with stars such as Richard Pryor, Pam Grier, Redd Fox, Juanita Moore, and William Marshall. She is currently a writer living in Georgia, but she still loves talking about her film roles.

Inside, you'll find rare pictures, articles, interviews, and clips from some of Carol's movies. You can even leave a message for Carol by signing the guestbook. Carol has many stories to share about her experiences as a cult film star, so keep checking back for new material.

Carol Speed's Web Den is a William Girdler.com sister site. William Girdler wrote and directed Abby. You can read more about Abby, as well as Girdler's other "blaxploitation" films, by clicking HERE. Any questions regarding this site can be sent to webmistress@williamgirdler.com.

November, 2002: Carol's new book The Georgette Harvey Story is available at AMAZON.COM. Grab a copy of The Georgette Harvey Story today!!

September, 2002: The Mack and Jackie Brown are on DVD NOW. Also, CLICK HERE to sneak a peak at the Georgette Harvey Story book cover!! Stay tuned for more details.

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Carol Speed's Web Den is a
William Girdler.com Sister Site.