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  Many of William Girdler's films were released on video in the mid-eighties. Sadly, most are not presently in print. The following is a complete listing of online venders who carry Girdler's work. I've received product from every source listed so I endorse them with confidence. Tell them William Girdler.com sent 'ya!

Asylum of Satan -- Order the DVD from Amazon today. The new release came out September 3rd and features liner notes/commentary from the webmistress. To read my review of the DVD (and myself), click here.
Three on a Meathook -- Currently out of print, but seeing a re-release soon.
The Zebra Killer -- To obtain a copy of the infamous lost Girdler picture, take a look at Shocking Videos. They sell first-gen dubs from an Australian PAL prerecord on video AND DVD-R. It's the best presentation of the film available by far. God bless 'em!
Abby --- Not officially available. Forget those muddy E-Bay bootlegs, go check out Cinefear to purchase a clean, crisp VHS version of everyone's favorite Exor-Sister. The Cinefear video is THE mother of nearly every vhs boot copy you'll ever find, as it comes from a genuine 16-mm print. Highly recommended!
Sheba Baby -- Available at Amazon.com. UPDATE: Sheba is on DVD as of 01/09/01.
Project Kill -- Troma re-released this as part of its Leslie Nielsen collection, though it appears to be out of print now. Grab it at Amazon.com.
Grizzly -- Currently available on DVD at Amazon.com.
Day of the Animals -- Out of print on VHS. Amazon.com carries the DVD. A rare WIDESCREEN (!!!) VHS dub is floating around ... it's nicer than the DVD or any standard video version.
The Manitou -- Out of print, and again Videoflicks sold out of its used copies. Available used at Half.com. To snag a vhs dub, E-mail Shocking Videos.

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