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  Since its official launch in June, 2000, William Girdler.com has picked up a fair share of awards and noteworthy plugs. Many of these plugs have brought tens, hundreds, even tens of thousands, of people to the website. I do greatly appreciate the generosity and kind words shared by the following websites, and I thank them for helping spread the word (Gird is the word, of course).

Web plugs don't get bigger than the prestigious Yahoo! Pick of the Week. WG.com had the pleasure of being a Yahoo pick in February 2001. Many thanks.
Well, OK: Yahoo! Pick of the Year is slightly cooler than Pick of the Week. Yahoo deemed WG.com one of "the most exceptional web sites of 2001." Who am I to argue? Very cool -- thanks again Yahoo.
As mentioned elsewhere, Badmovies.org is far and away my favorite trash review site. It's also A LOT of other people's favorite B-movie site. Naturally, I'm thrilled and honored that WG.com was inducted into the Legion of Muck for the April/June 2001 quarter.
Dr. Daniel's Movie Emergency is a UGO site dedicated to films of all types. William Girdler.com was a "Panacea Pick" in the Fall of 2000, and Carol Speed's Web Den was a pick in August, 2001.
WG.com was a "Site of the Week" in December, 2000. Horror Source.com's emphasis is mainly on modern horror flicks, but their site picks are all really great. Horror Source introduced me to the Sleepaway Camp site, which was a wonderfully obsessive web entry that seemed very much in the spirit of WG.com.
The Houston Chronicle ran a plug for WG.com in January 2002 by way of its "What's Online" column. Thanks.
The Internet's leading guide to every topic imaginable. About.com's Classic Movies editor listed WG.com as a "Best New Link" in January, 2001, and they sent me this nice graphic, too
Netsurfer Digest ran a very nice short article about WG.com in one of its January, 2001 editions.
Cool Tricks and Trinkets Newsletter offers weekly insights into new, cool, useful, fun, unusual and interesting sites. The editor selected WG.com for inclusion in the 02/08/01 edition. "It's a small world after all!"
The Vancouver Sun listed WG.com as a "Hot Site" in January 2001 and included a zany little writeup. Canada rocks. Thanks, eh!
Achla.co.il is an Israeli search portal kinda like Yahoo!. I can't read a word of it because it's in Hebrew. I think WG.com was a pick of the day. Much obliged.
I Want News.com from Singapore seems to be some kind of all-purpose portal with a taste for pop culture/entertainment. I could be wrong, since I think it's in Chinese. Looks as if they selected WG.com as an "I Want In" website pick of the week, and they also stuck it in their newsletter. They seemed to really dig the media clips. Thanks a heap.
The Iranian Times listed WG.com as its "Beyond Iran" featured link in February, 2001. It's refreshing to know that Three on a Meathook and Grizzly can bridge so many cultures.
Planet Weekly looks like some kind of popular website guide from The Netherlands. WG.com was a pick of the week in March, 2001. I'm not entirely sure what the review says because it's in Dutch, but I know what 'inteligente' means, and 'prachtig' means lovely ... those happen to be two of my favorite words!! Thanks.
Totally 70s dares to celebrate the "culture" of a decade many weaker souls would prefer to forget. WG.com was handed a 'Totally 70s Website Award' in April, 2001. Right on!
The Louisville Eccentric Observer, an independent newspaper from Girdler's hometown, plugged WG.com in its May 16th Internet Siteseeing column. Dave Conover also wrote a great Leo article about Charles Kissinger that appeared in October, 1999.
Y-net is some sort of Israeli news magazine. WG.com was some sort of "Pick of the Month" for March/April 2002. Not quite sure if the article is glowing since I can't read Hebrew, but I think it must be flattering based on the traffic it generated.
The b-movie greats at Trash Compactor held an election of sorts to determine the winner of its "Hell Of A Site" award. WG.com won the vote in April, 2002. There is no word regarding how many of the votes were cast from Florida.
Apparently, Mr. Quick deemed WG.com worthy of his "Link of the Day" spot in July, 2000 ... around the time the site was launched, oddly enough. I didn't know about it until recently (thanks to my new host's referral tracking thingie). A quasi-personal site with loads of nifty links and ... (um) eatery reviews.