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  The boozy Don Wrege/Christopher Lee tune Red Light Lady launches the movie. Credits roll atop shots of a white ambulance racing down a rain-drenched highway. The ambulance arrives at a creepy looking mansion. Hospital workers scurry out of the mansion to greet the vehicle. They take control of a stretcher that holds an unconscious, restrained patient. The viewer sees the silhouette of a sinister goateed man overseeing these events as the patient is escorted to her room.

Our heroine, the world-famous pianist Lucina Martin (Carla Borelli), regains consciousness the next morning and finds herself wearing a hospital gown. She stands and modestly covers her naked butt from the camera's prying eye while she searches for less revealing clothing. The door swings open and an older, rather masculine woman enters. Lucina demands to know where she is. Martine answers with a thick fake German accent, "Pleasant Hill Hospital ... you don't remember coming here last night?" Lucina looks confused. "The last thing I remember was falling asleep at General Hospital." (1) Martine assures her, "Dr. Specter will explain everything. You'll meet him later." Lucina becomes belligerent and demands a telephone so she can call Dr. Noland, her primary physician. Before she can get too testy, two orderly goons grab Lucina by her arms and force the maiden onto the bed. As she struggles, Martine lectures her. "Dr. Specter is a man of strict rules. Disobedience of those rules will be dealt with severely!" Martine gives Lucina an injection that renders her unconscious again.

Later, Lucina wakes up and finds that the door to her room is locked. She peers out the window and sees several nurses supervising a group of wheelchair-bound patients. The patients are all wearing what look like bedsheets. Lucina begins rapping on the glass, hoping to get their attention. The patients remain still. Eventually, the nurses robotically push the patients back inside. Lucina cries, "NO! Don't go away!" She begins to sob. Without warning, the door opens and a short orderly walks in (Claude Fulkerson, a Louisville radio personality). He promptly tells Lucina that she looks like a mess. Lucina asks to see Dr. Specter, but Claude tells her that Dr. Specter is out for the evening. "Why don't you freshen up a bit?" Claude suggests. Lucina demands to know why she was locked in her room. The orderly responds by directing her to a hairbrush. Lucina finally takes the hint and runs the brush through her long tresses. "Who was that woman here earlier?" Claude informs her that Martine is in fact Dr. Specter's strict but lovable assistant.

Claude leads Lucina to a fancy dining hall populated by more wheelchair-bound people draped in bedsheets. Lucina is seated at a table with the only three "normal" people in the room. A blind Sherry Steiner (future starlet of Girdler's Three on a Meathook) gropes at Lucina's arm in an attempt to introduce herself. An older balding man opens his mouth to say something, but only groans and throaty gurgles escape his lips. "Wish he could speak, the poor devil. It must be frustrating," says an older woman seated nearby in a wheelchair. Lucina seizes the moment and asks Sherry about Dr. Specter. "Dr. Specter says he'll be able to restore my sight very soon," glows Sherry. The older lady adds, "Dr. Specter is really a very remarkable man. Why, he even promised me I would walk out of here. I've been in this (wheelchair) for twenty years. He offered me such hope!" With a hint of skepticism in her voice, Lucina asks, "Do you believe he can perform miracles?" Sherry answers, "Call it what you want. But if there's a chance, we have to take it!"

Lucina looks around and notices that the bedsheet-clad cripples are being served raw, uncracked eggs. "What do you know about those people?" she asks. The older lady snaps, "Nothing! We don't ask. It's simpler that way. By the way, what is our Dr. Specter going to do for YOU?" Lucina answers dryly, "That's become the joke of the day, because I don't even know Dr. Specter. Yet suddenly I'm told I'm his patient. It's very confusing." Sherry tries to ease her fears. "Dr. Specter knows what's best for you. Just do as he says and everything will be fine." The older lady flippantly adds, "There's one thing you'll have to learn: NOT to question anything done around here!" Lucina becomes defiant, "I'm sorry, but I can't afford to mind my own business " Before she can finish speaking her mind, a group of orderlies interrupts the discussion and whisks away the other three patients.

Lucina is now alone in the dining hall, save the speechless weirdoes in bedsheets. One of the weirdoes falls out of his wheelchair and slumps to the ground. Lucina cautiously walks over to investigate. Upon closer examination, she discovers that his hand is all burnt and icky. She gasps in disgust and backs away from the lifeless body.

Suddenly, Martine appears out of nowhere with arms raised. In the blink of an eye, the dining hall becomes empty and covered with dusty cobwebs. A petrified Lucina flees the room. Problem is, she doesn't exactly know where she's going. She creeps pensively down dark and foreboding corridors. She receives a false scare from a black cat with no tail. (2) After she calms down, she becomes aware of a faint chanting sound. She follows the hushed singing. "Ora shur orla orla orla ... Satan." The sound appears to be coming from behind a red door. Lucina reaches for the knob but is stopped in her tracks by a second false scare, this time from orderly Claude. "You know, you shouldn't leave the dinner table like that. The food isn't THAT bad," he says. Lucina trembles, "I I heard v-voices in th-there." Claude assures her that broom closets don't sing. He escorts her back to the dining room, where everything has returned to 'normal.' She is again left alone to dine with the silent bedsheet fetishists.

The film cuts to Lucina's bedroom sometime later that night. Lucina tosses and mumbles in her sleep. The cause of her unrest is a dream in which she sees orderly Claude tumbling down a long elevator shaft. She wakes up breathless and frightened. She makes a dash for the door but discovers that she's locked in. Her face twists with helplessness and fear.

(1) WRONG SOAP OPERA, Lucina! Carla Borelli starred in "Days of Our Lives."

(2) According to Don Wrege, the poor black cat lost his tail to a car driven by one of the producers.

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