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  Abby makes a speedy recovery, and soon resumes heading the church choir. She sings a VERY long soulful hymn. Here, William Girdler's less than enthusiastic extras (reportedly from the church itself) appear to be bored with actress Carol Speed's singing. The viewer is inexplicably treated to several shots of yawning churchgoers. (Note from author: In spite of my fun-poking at the ill-chosen church reaction shots, I adore My Soul is a Witness, the wonderful Carol Speed composition sung in Abby. My dream is to sing this song in the very church where the scene was filmed. Any information concerning the location of the Abby church would be greatly appreciated.)

As Emmet launches into his sermon, Abby starts to cough and choke loudly. Mama and Russell, the church funeral director, help her out of the church. She throws Russell to the ground, dry humps him, then vomits yogurt in his face.

That night, Emmet calls Dr. Williams in Nigeria to discuss Abby's recent misadventures. After the reassuring phone call, Emmet returns upstairs to see Abby. He quotes some sexy bible talk to her, to which she replies, "I'm not your ho. Shit. You ain't got enough to satisfy me, you impotent son of a bitch!" She proceeds to kick Emmet in the groin and laughs as he slumps to the ground in agony.

The next afternoon, Emmet speaks with Abby's brother about her sudden strange behavior. Cass is shocked to hear of Abby's antics, and can offer no answers to the concerned husband's queries. Emmet returns home to find Abby in the middle of a pre-marriage counseling session. Her calm demeanor changes dramatically when Emmet enters the room, and she hisses, "I have a few special tips for Sue. All men are NOT created equal - better make sure what he's got first. As a matter of fact, I'm going to take old long George upstairs, and fuck the shit out of him!" Abby starts ripping off her clothes, but Emmet drags her upstairs. An exasperated Emmet cries, "My God, Abby! Whatever POSSESSED you to do a thing like that?" She then grabs his crotch and throws him to the bed. Abby slaps Emmet repeatedly as she struggles to pull down his pants. She again appears to rape Emmet.

Later, Abby is home alone. The church organist, Mrs. Wiggins, pays Abby a cheer-up visit. A defiant Abby sneers "Wiggins isn't your name. Horace Wiggins never married you. He screwed you once and left you to rot like a rotting apple." Abby then proceeds to slap Wiggins around a few times while drooling. Objects in the room shake, the TV explodes, and finally Wiggins collapses dead from a heart attack. Emmet returns to the house and finds Abby bouncing on the bed like a delighted child. He gasps when he sees that the lifeless body of Mrs. Wiggins is the source of her glee.

An ambulance arrives to remove the old lady's corpse. The family doctor convinces Emmet that Abby should undergo some medical testing to determine what is causing her unusual behavior and Emmet agrees. But before they go, Emmet calls his father in Nigeria to ask for support. Dr. Williams decides to return to the US to help his son. After Dr. Williams hangs up the phone, he is struck by a violent burst of wind that throws papers all about his office.

Back in Louisville, Abby submits to a battery of tests. You remember the scenes in The Exorcist where Linda Blair endures an onslaught of gruesome tests? Remember how unnerving and scary they were? Well, you WILL remember The Exorcist scenes while you watch Abby, only in this case, the tests are just silly. It's the only scene that DIRECTLY borrows from Exorcist.

The doctors inform Emmet that Abby shows no physical symptoms which account for her actions. The doctor suggests a psychologist. To this, Mama sharply replies, "She ain't mentally ill - Maybe I don't understand all 'dem big words you usin', but I know my baby." ('Dem Big words' being, 'Abby needs a psychologist.') The doctors back off and recommend that Abby stay in the hospital overnight. The family agrees.

Emmet attempts to bid Abby farewell. She turns on him once they are alone. "Give your father my worst regards," she hisses.

The film cuts to a long stock footage sequence of a plane landing -- backed by a jammin' instrumental of the main Abby theme. Emmet meets his father at the terminal and describes his recent problems with Abby to Dr. Williams.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Emmet, Abby beats up a bunch of white people back at the hospital and busts out.

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